Spring Flowers Expandable Phone Grip and Stand

The expandable phone grip is an expanding grip and stand that attaches to most phones, tablets, and cases. These grips are perfect for enhancing the experience with your device. Add one or more expandable phone grips to transform its capabilities, whether that be a stand, a grip, or an earbud organizer.

These expandable phone grips make holding your tablet and e-reader so much easier! Never drop your device again while taking a selfie, calling a friend, or simply scrolling through your phone. The expandable phone grip allows a safe and secure expandable grip that won’t let you lose control of your device again.

The possibilities with these fashionable phone grips are truly endless. Attach it onto your hand-held gaming device, your pocket-sized mirror, your go-pro, or even attach it to your wall so you can display your jewelry!

So, pop, tilt, wrap, collapse, grip, and prop away with the versatile expandable phone grip! 

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