December 01, 2016

Your phone is more than just a phone: it’s your sidekick, your to-do list, a gallery of treasured memories, your lifeline to all things social, and on top of all of that: it’s a big investment. Smartphones are great, but greatness doesn’t come cheap. So why would you want to skimp on quality? We didn’t want to, and that’s why we sat down and came up with a list of everything our dream case would be. After long days of debating over what qualities mattered most to us we finally narrowed it down to a few key details:


With so many products on the market that are multi-purpose, we’ve gotten a little spoiled with convenience. So we didn’t want a case that was just a case, we wanted more. With a building full of caffeine addicts and fitness buffs, we wanted to make going for a coffee run or an actual run without leaving your essentials at home easy. That was when we decided card slots were essential. It makes it simple to take your ID and credit card with you without having to resort to heavy bags or bulky wallets.  Then we were faced with the #1 complaint of wallet cases, the struggle of taking photos.  Your options were either a blurry picture or attempt to wiggle your phone out of the safe confines of its case.  We did our research and found the perfect solution.  Our patented sliding feature makes quick, safe, and easy picture taking a reality.  


A phone case needs to be a great case, period. More than just making sure it fit right and looked cool, we took the time to pour over different materials and designs until we were satisfied. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re pretty picky shoppers.) We wanted a shape slim enough that it could still slip into back pockets or be held easily in your hand when you’re traveling light, while still able to hold up to being tossed into your bag. After getting our first version of our case we made it our mission to get the best kind of opinions: customer feedback. We listened to every color and feature suggestion from our early customers, then used the data collected to make sure that each new improvement to our cases was a combination of our efforts paired with requests from real people using our products in their daily lives.   


We admit it, we’re particular about looks. We take style seriously and we know that everyone has their own flair. From the minimalist whose closet is 90% black to the eccentric that likes adding a pop of color wherever possible, we wanted to cover them all and everyone in between! We sought to create a product with sleek Vegan Saffiano Leather in beautiful shades that compliment any style. With neutrals, colors, and vivids we did our best to find key colors that would accentuate any and ever sleek style.


The Stanton Slide Wallet may have been designed with our ideal qualities in mind, but we wanted it to be great for any lifestyle. Pick out your favorite color and mobilize your life. We hope you love it as much as we do, so don’t forget to tell us what you think! Your feedback means the world to us.

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